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  • What are Audio Transcription Services
    Our company specializes in various transcription services. Yet, we take pride with
    our audio transcription services as we have successfully completed thousands of projects with utmost satisfaction. We have a vibrant pool of well-experienced and knowledgeable transcribers whose skills and prowess are unequaled in this industry. They have been carefully selected through a tremendous recruitment process to ensure that they produce top quality transcriptions at all times.
    Through the years, our audio transcription services have established its name in the online world. We make our clients’ life easy as we transcribe a wide range of audio sources files like conferences, meetings, interviews, focus group discussions, seminars and many more into an eligible text form. As multilingual company, we manage to provide language support to all clients. Our skilled transcribers are very fluent in their respective languages; therefore we produce error-free transcriptions without compromising quality.
    In addition, our transcribers are well-versed in the field; thus we can be trusted for legal transcription, corporate transcription, research transcription, lecture transcription and many others.
  • Who needs audio transcription services
    A wide variety of people require our audio transcription services. From students to working individuals from academic institutions, business/corporate industries and other recognized agencies look after these services. We have proven our excellence in this business by serving over 60,000 fulfilled customers across the globe. We have professional transcribers who can perfectly transcribe given audio materials with 98% accuracy based on clients’ project requirements.
  • What separates us from other transcription companies
    As one of the most trusted transcription provider, we strive hard to be the best in everything we do. Through the years, we put an extra mile in making our web features fast and easy for our clients. Aside from support for various file formats, we accept bulk orders in rush and super rush turnaround time. With our dynamic workforce, we provide flexible delivery schedules. We make sure that results are perfectly delivered on time with no delays.
    Our company also offers transcription services at competitively affordable rates.
    We charge our services at lower prices with no hidden charges compared to prevailing market rates. Our pricelist also attracts more savings. You’ll not only get top notch quality service but you’ll save more money. We have great deals and premium discount offers that you’ll surely enjoy upon employing our services. For more information, upload your files now to request your free quote for pricing.
    Our clients are always safe and secure through our security protocols. We utilize SSL encryption system for files uploaded to ensure that communication between our servers and browsers are strictly encyrpted. This is to make certain that all clients can experience spam-free/junk-free transcription services. Our transcribers are also bound to non-disclosure agreements to protect our clients’ privacy which all delicate personal information are treated with maximum confidentiality.Our customer care specialists are 24/7 ready all year round for any queries. We have provided various support mediums such as online chats, call back options and toll free numbers.

What is the time coding in transcription?


Time Stamping for marketing documents or time Programming is of adding time recommendations to sound or video material, which assists in the act of recognition, editing synchronization, an act. When captioning needs to be furnished to get a movie, time code element allows. It is also a basic necessity in transcriptions of panel discussions. Having a period rule for a movie also can help choose and to assessment a preferred arena.

Time stamping or time code can be a specific function, which is commonly employed by police force, appropriate, human resource or regulators for a lot of causes like hearings, tribunals, witness claims or SPEED interviews (Police and Criminal Evidence interviews). These transcriptions useful for investigations or public protection reasons or action have legal meaning and judicial activity is assisted by having time or them time-coded stamped.

For Interviews Transcription, time programming at the start of every reply and every following 30 seconds is inserted by us. As an example, if an interviewer asks the interviewee’s response as well as a concern takes 60 seconds we’d insert an occasion signal at the start of the solution .

Based on customer needs for transcriptions, we are able to put time-stamp or an obvious time-code observing first and around every 30 seconds afterwards. In interviews, like time code will indicate the start of a solution, followed closely by every 30 seconds in to the response’s period.

Just full continuities offer framework accurate time code and enough time code will undoubtedly be placed every 30 seconds, if the footage is unstructured as in fact TV. The word ‘whole continuity’ transcript may imply a precise detailed cut-by-cut transcription that has the whole discussion, audio, hints, breaks, onscreen artwork, landscape explanations, time code and feet or shape as suitable, an occasion signal spotting is performed on a cut-by-cut base or for every single type of dialog as preferred. Timecode invariably doesn’t protect questions but only the given responses.

Time development or time-stamping is currently placing time in minutes and seconds in to a log in the required intervals. It performs being a sign of where the particular wording can be found in video or the music. Timestamps are positioned based on the buyer requirement. Some transcripts are stamped every five minutes while some are stamped every few seconds! This helps in the act of future and identification, editing synchronization. It is beneficial when subtitling or captioning is needed for a movie. I t functions like a pointer for some unique landscape also.

Time programming supplies a quick reference indicate find a stage within the transcripts, and sync it-up with all the music or video document you’re having transcribed. Our consumers find time coding to be very helpful whenever they must sync up wording and audio, assessment a percentage of the audio while examining the transcript (filling in phrases which were inaudible towards the transcriptionist, but maybe simpler crammed in by the interviewer), or if you’re adding your log with online access with all the audio and movie files.

A reference (variety or timestamp) into a specific point within a press report is called time-code. Overall effectiveness increases, and invite publishers and audio and video makers to enhance their workflow. Transcripts with time signal can save you time, income, and methods. Enough time codes about the doc, enables the end user to instantly locate the required music or movie inside the initial source media. Time-coded transcripts may be used to search for key words and phrases through prolonged media documents, letting a person to discover important details within their media.

Where can I find services that provide transcripts and translation?


Speech will be converted by a transcription service right into a published or digital text document.There are diverse variations of the assistance, which can lead to a text report comprising the talk from movie file or the supply music. We could enable you to choose by discussing your specifications, if you need any help choosing the right option on your needs.

“Can you send me that written down?” just how many occasions have you ever heard that? It’s sometimes that event that only text is going to do. It may be anything to main-stream media a corporate video, from the call, court case footage. When you require these changing into text documents – you will need transcription solutions.

We supplies a full-range of transcription companies for our entire set of served industries including Life Sciences, the Appropriate, Intellectual Property, Corporate, Manufacturing, and Complex sectors. We customize our translation services to supply verbatim files with qualified accuracy, spanning data types and all saving kinds. Our transcriptionists qualify as specialists inside the terminology of the targeted industry and meet with the greatest degrees of quality guarantee.

We provide licensed verbatim transcripts arranged in executive summaries apparent and concise Word files, or any customized format, as chosen by our customers to our clients. Arrangement and all transcriptions are concluded under stringent secrecy to retain your private data safe and assured.

The translators of School Language Companies are skilled linguists who’re vulnerable to the demands of diverse texts, including diplomas, educational transcripts, instructional articles, or legal documents. We’ve been working with learners for 30+ years to ensure their instructional requirements are satisfied.


Our customizable providers promise your association may get an assessment according to your entrance requirements. We also provide knowledge in RFE remedies with competent mentors who are able to provide specialist opinion, niche profession and work expertise companies for immigration purposes.


Transcription: where what’s stated inside the foreign language is written down while in the foreign language, that is. So if it’s spoken in European, we have the linguist write-down word for word the thing that was claimed in text.

Interpretation: this is where we are directed an audio or graphic record in a language. We will have a linguist change them into English only and listen to the talked elements of the record. That is either designated against time codes (if available) or in accordance with who’s chatting.

A lot of our work is for that legal, media and medical sectors which gives an extensive breakdown of transcription companies to us. This expertise know-how and provides us the skills to ensure we allow you to get the best possible transcriptions when it comes to charges, quality and period.

Pztech includes a specific team of transcription specialists with decades of proven recommendations and highlight instruction, business area information and experience, intensive cultural conditioning. These professionals are designed for delivering transcripts in as less as 4 hours.

Certificate translation companies are offered by us in over 60 languages for governmental, career purposes. Your companies range from the interpretation of another significant academic documents , transcripts or diplomas or files. Notarized records and your certified are recognized by most colleges and universities and assessment providers within the United States.

How can I get a secretarial transcription?


Give everyone the chance to enjoy your displays including people that skipped out on those hard of reading and the seminar, following the main-event. With transcripts you’ll be capable of reveal in marketing marketing and critiques your transcribers may recapture the ability of the keynotes. Revisit the event, at your amusement, having a specific written account of your day.


A podcast conference could be dropped at existence with wise transcription. We’ll capture the sounds of the appearance, the accents, the episode along with your speakers for the hearing impaired and those who only prefer to see the depth.

Video is employed in numerous techniques.  About accompanying audio content and your visible in an appropriate approach but think  when folks still love to read a significant aspect to consider.

All work is performed slightly through email, internet, phone, VOIP, article, courier, or fax. We can also organize to meet up in person inside our local area. To you personally we are excited about our service-delivery at pztech Secretarial Services.

We pride ourselves in retaining our exceptional reputation if you are professional, reliable, detailed, and fast. We’re happy to function remotely via the web and are available to any English speaking nation, in addition to encouraging organizations locally.

Digital-audio may be mailed straight from every other device or software, or your Olympus digital recording devices that supports file-transfer using FTP, FTPS, SFTP or VPN. They can be efficiently constructed to routinely send electronic material right for control by our knowledgeable operators, to computers.

Our companies include Digital-Audio and Video Transcription,  Analogue Audio Transcription (Record), Database Development and Maintenance, Telesales and basic Word processing. With 20 years experience, we have offered clerical and transcription services for thousands of organization jobs and also have a vast complex understanding in your crew of dedicated employees. We perform our personal web research and offer the usual ‘second-run through’ including proof-reading to ensure reliable superior standards of quality.

Your business is important to us thus majority workload can also be offered on the one task, one fee schedule in place of on our typical price that is aggressive, notice ‘Offers’ for further details or contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Dictation can be carried out in several models. We’ve located phone in dictation to be effective and essentially the most convenient for our buyers that need to dictate on the go or within an office environment. We will work to transcribe the format you have, or recommend valuable techniques that are other! We could transcribe all recording styles along with many digital audio documents presented to us on disk or higher the Internet.


When we generate advanced digital audio documents or enhancement to those audio-files for the transcription applications, those records aren’t brought to our customers. It is because these files are designed may possibly not be made up of rigor for supply to your customers and are intended for our use only. Measures could be made for an expense to provide these increased records to your customers.

What are the rates for transcription and translation?


There are many things to consider when you’re negotiating to discover the transcription rates that are best. If you believe you will require the solutions of a transcription merchant on the standard schedule, it’s far better discover one you’ll have a continuous partnership to boost your power to obtain the greatest transcription rates. This-not simply gives continuity and expertise for both parties, nonetheless it also provides you with better negotiating power when trying to get a reasonable and reasonable price. Total, you’ll find that sellers price that is most transcription longterm relationships with real consumers versus individuals with one-time assignments.


Each time a transcription company sets their transcription costs several facets are involved. Many of these factors include how rapidly you’ll need your log, along the audio, the quality of the audio, the style of transcription (i.e., verbatim, legal), the vocabulary/dialect, how many speakers, what sort of document design you’d like, and whether or not the pricing is completed per page of transcript or per-minute of audio. Transcription rates reflect all or element these categories of each usually.


Residence of Transcription can create a transcript of this content then translate it into English for you to accomplish modifying, for instance.All of our transcripts are transcribed and after that manually check if your video or audio video has spanish material. We assure complete reliability of content & spelling. Your log will be easyto read & easy-to follow.


Our wording to text transcription is usually used-to transform report files in electronic format, or to only reformat a report report by reformatting the file first changing it to electronic type and making it. Whether you’re looking to convert just a few pages of text in digital structure or 1,000s of websites, you’ve arrived at the proper position.


It is crucial to not confuse transcription with interpretation. Transcription is a change in format while interpretation is really a change in language. Most Green Crescent consumers usually need both. Best practice involves transcribing the text right into a translation friendly format including Msword. Once within the ideal format, the text are able to be interpreted relative to our translation costs (over a cost-per supplier phrase basis).


Which means you’re going to should demand a translation rate as well as a transcription price. I would contemplate then obtaining the log check, or atleast proofreading oneself – because it’s easyto produce when working this method form sentences or grammatical errors that don’t read smoothly. I hope this provide me a shout if you need any more support and helps.


Interpretation costs are derived from the number of words to become interpreted or keyed within the authentic (source) text. We are going to request to view a document first before offering a company price, since the charge of translation will be different with regards to the languages concerned, the kind of doc, the topic matter, and whether it’s extremely dedicated, recurring, immediate or demands extensive format. We shall provide a written offer, which will remain appropriate for 1 month, once we get a backup of the text for interpretation.

How can I find transcribers online?


Transcribers would be the center that make our wheels convert and without them, we don’t possess a company. Our transcribers are valued by us by creating your task as quick and easy as you can. We accept you to the collapse and that means you know you’re respected and appreciated and you can expect freedom. We value-quality and reward accomplishment. Your transcribers inform US that we’ve and time concerns listened, so you choose your own hours to match in together with your lifestyle when you assist Transcribe.

Pztech focuses on swiftly and correctly transcribing dictated suggestion letters, records and reports for Healthcare Professionals. Utilising an expert Medical Transcriptionist provides you with huge strengths – enable us to transform the practice’s performance and professionalism

We focus on school investigation transcription, interview transcription and focus group transcription along with conference, dictation, session and seminar transcription, discussion transcription, panel assembly transcription, investigation transcription, community transcription, university investigation transcription, conference phone transcription, or symposium transcription.

Exceptional listening skills and demonstrated ability to identify necessary aspects of orally presented information; superb understanding of English grammar, spelling and educational terminology; power to work a Laptop/laptop computer and also other peripheral devices (copier, printer); relaxed working in an instructional environment with diverse communities.

Must be able to work-hours that correspond to learners’ agendas, including days. Choice must be capable of attend an on line transcribing course to master use of specialized acronym computer software and transcribing skills.

This is a fraction of the cost/occasion of another transcription service online, such as the Turk-motivated Casting Phrases, though some quality is potentially sacrificed by you. In my own knowledge, though, there have been virtually no problems. Once we move your profits to your PayPal account, this requirement is specially to make sure that you’re able to get the money.

A Verified PayPal account indicates that you therefore are capable of moving it further to your bank account and are knowledgeable about the procedure of acquiring money in it. Your work is of no use until the money into your arms. A Verified PayPal account is guarantee for us we don’t encounter payment-related problems afterwards and that eventually the funds will achieve your banking account.

Here’s HOW TO do it yourself, without programming information required. The directions below are verbose, but applying my theme, it willnot take you over five minutes of setup per job.Transcription can assert several clear benefits. The type of frequently observed is that use is facilitated by it. Analysts have historically been far more familiar– and hence comfortable– with paper than with audio and movie papers and, probably, tend to be more likely to consult the transcript of an appointment than tune in to or see it in its unique method.

As it is simpler and faster to read a published report visually than to listen to an audio or watch a movie, it is simpler equally to find appropriate product in a transcript and, notably, if an index could identify a certain reference, to view in and round the circumstance of the reference. (However, as discusssed below refined programs of electronic annotation and indexing could aid a type of skimming of the audio/video doc and may come to obviate this aspect.)

Moreover, insofar as it does resemble a normal file, a transcript might also be recognized as conferring a certain legitimacy on what has sometimes been translated as an ephemeral source. It also supplies a fixed form for ticket and offer by multiple customers. Finally, archival-quality paper remains probably the most stable method for long term preservation.

Where can I find services for a document transcription?


Experience of examining traditional records at file techniques, libraries, galleries and also other documents in Britain, Ireland, Europe together with the USA permits US to transcribe your prior files made in Language, in the 15th-century onwards, including those in Secretary Palm of the Tudor & Stuart times.

We’ll do our better to successfully transcribe the Latin the place where sentence or a term developed in Latin looks included in a study revealed mainly in Language nonetheless it will not be interpreted into Vocabulary except by previous deal.

Our expert transcriptionists begin working in your order, once we acquire your papers. Your transcriptions are done not speech recognition application, by people, to allow them to capture more of the nuance and in a larger consistency than software. Subsequently, the transcriptions are returned for you via email.

Desire a transcription price? Your service-only costs $0.85 for each minute, and merely one more $0.25 per minute to get a transcript or for a timestamped transcript. And our work is 100. If you should be not felicitous for almost any purpose, simply let’s recognize and we shall do something we’re able to to solve the matter.

We transcribe target communities conference notes, market-research video clip,, dissertation interviews podcasts, and pretty much any other type of saving. You’ve to publish comprehensive certification for postsecondary and several secondary studies. Visit our site over a regular basis to determine what papers and extra information are required to end your statement.

All duties are tackled by us after extensive relationship with customers regarding requirements and aims. In many scenarios the finest quality copies that may be developed could be used by us. All consumer files and function are employed inside the greatest confidence.

In case your parchment damaged or continues to be dropped, a content can be bought by you. A parchment that is copy appears to be an authentic, but holds the language ‘Repeat Released’ and also the day about the opposite. Just one copy of the parchment may be at anyone event around. As if you find A Similar Parchment given, your unique parchment becomes emptiness that you have your preliminary parchment, please doublecheck. The parchment that’s equivalent will be printed on defense document.

Your consumer history contains company leaders from solo professionals and small corporations as well as Fortune 500 businesses. No enterprise is small or not-too little to utilize us, in handling our consumers all with all the same appreciation and give attention to depth, and we consider delight.

Partnering with your clients, we allow you to produce your organization functions faster and smarter with excellent experience our sophisticated workflows and serious qualified methods. Alongside continuing development and progressive use of new engineering, your company will soon be put by pztech to levels of success.

All Types specialise in transcribing the phrase into both English Braille that trapped and is uncontracted. We have a very qualified group who’re ready to reformat virtually every report that’s typical and transform. All Braille that individuals produce adjusts to current offers and maintains the information of the original document and also wording. We aim to supply that doesn’t bargain on reliability or quality to a rapid, economical transcription service

What is the cost of a Portuguese transcription?


Whether you are looking for documentary, marketing, e-learning, or phone message voice over designers for Colonial, we’ll give you the finest voice talent for your job. Time -sync the selected Colonial voiceover to snapshot, and offer the audio in the file format of the decision. Or, where required, we are able to lay-back the Colonial audio on your video and adjust the sayings.

Our expert transcriptionists start working on your order as we receive your records. Your transcriptions are performed by people, not talk recognition software, so they can get more in a larger reliability than software and of the nuance. Subsequently, the transcriptions are returned for you via email.

Require a transcription quotation? Your service only costs $0.85 per-minute, and just a supplementary $0.25 per minute to get some time stamped log or for a transcript. And our work is 100. In case you are miserable for any explanation, just let us recognize and we shall do everything we can to eliminate the matter.

Besides a seasoned in-house group, we even have a network of specialist transcriptionists in proper spots throughout the world. Our Colonial transcriptionists possess a sound familiarity with grammar, spelling punctuation and word building. Besides, they’ve the ability to decipher different language accessories.

We are so assured you will enjoy the Colonial transcription and translation companies we offer that we would be very happy to offer you a free trial of our work. All you have to complete is ask us. Don’t waste your own time looking for a less costly top-notch translation service and Portuguese transcription.

You’ll be able to look, but we ensure you won’t discover the grade of work our transcriptionists and translators supply at a discounted than what we can provide you with Once quickly prepared the linguistic information and metadata in the document that is organized are available for further downstream control, delivering direct access to relevant amounts of files that are audio.

Being among the most frequent applications of our engineering are audio and audiovisual data exploration (broadcast and telephone information), speech analytics, press tracking, advertising asset-management, presentation transcription and subtitling.

Currently alternatives and knowledge for primary speech control systems in lots of languages. As an example, talk to text transcription can be obtained for the Greek, Dutch Finnish, French, German, Arabic, Italian, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian Spanish languages underdevelopment.

Our language identification module recognizes the language that is verbal from a set of 50 languages, and clients can cause versions due to their desired language set. Another staff of indigenous speakers of the mark language is subsequently used-to convert the text. This two-cycle transcription/translation approach ensures a dramatically larger-quality result than multiple audio translation /transcription, which skips of transcribing the feed for the language, the action.

The 2-cycle technique is especially essential for legitimate products including court and police records, because it guarantees an increased level of quality.Transcription services essentially include an audio feed’s conversion to text. These solutions in many cases are an essential ingredient involved with the production of any movie/audio material.

One the writing is transcribed, it can be captioned directly for that hearing damaged or as being a tool for folks who don’t comprehend the initial audio supply is talked variation of the terminology or people who choose to observe subtitles while in the source-language to fit the audio stream.

How do you transfer an audio cd to transcripts?


Digitizing recorded information allows shipment from copies of saving for purposes, and the website over the internet. Data that was digitized might be incorporated into our Digital Transcription Workflow to increase productivity. Likewise, inside the digitization and transcription process, we’re able to present Audio Repair to boost the complete quality of the recordings.

All marketing conversion is done in-house with your transcription crew by our Advertising Expert in conjunction. Due to the wide selection of electronic media websites available, we provide consultation -of-fee as a way to help establish which forms are best -suited on the requirements of your project.

During change, pieces or individual tracks are determined, separated and specified letting each check to be seen immediately. As technique that is normal, through using Forest Audio digital recovery, area disturbances and all crackles, clicks are illiminated by 95%. Shoud you’re looking for total re-understanding facilities, this service can be available.

At pztech, of maintaining your tales in book and Cd type alongside our major aim, we are experts in the preservation of archival audio files. This way, we CAn’t merely increase your entire accessible information into your story, but we could also allow you to guard your aging records (be they audio, aesthetic or closing). Your knowledge continues to be utilized by many visible corporations including The CBC The Provincial Documents of British Columbia and the Okanagan Indian Group, along with numerous personal libraries.

Though MP3 could be the structure we get for transcribing companies we understand that there are often a wide-selection of audio systems and supply each one and text transcription companies for every with audio! TranscriptionStar might transcribe audio classes in nearly every digital-audio format accessible in the market.

In case your cassette recording snaps in two together with the recording prospects remain easily obtainable, the first tape press ‘ll be repaired by us for-free. If your cassette recording is truly shattered that it takes a donator cassette saving for elements (including re-closable cover supports, internal rollers, or play stress rods), you will have a $5 need for every renewed cassette. Including recording leads which might be retracted inside the (us-openable) welded plastic level.

Transfer solutions that are audio and many video in Ma merely deliver your videos for some significant supplier in another state or place. Movie conversion merchants which are typical use individuals without the information. They use customer equipment, causing low quality trades. In the event your record has an issue, they don’t learn how to care for it and certainly will damage your initial recording!

Big Exhibits is just a qualified studio focusing on video moves and archival – quality audio and healing. We make an attempt to check on along with you in your task, and will carefully check your present videos before shift. Your experience offers the conversion that’s most effective to you.

We recognize of moving heritage music, the difficulties and video forms. Your professionals have ages of practical experience in audio layout and professional broadcasting. We employ just certified broadcast quality gear, maintained by means of a master electronics computer.

What services provide voice to text transcription?


You specify the recovery time, we meet or conquer your contract. It really is our work. Then when you set a time for us to be performed, we want to provide reassurance to you that whenever you’ll own it that that is basically. Simple as that. Whether it’s speech to text, movie transcription, or voice transcription, offering so that you can keep concentrating on your tasks accessible, you included.

Don’t get caught up in transcription tasks that were complicated, once they may be making you money, or spend your employees time. Trust performed rapidly, effectively, and at a cost you will be thrilled about. We-don’t just want to be fast, we strive to be why your pleasure is guaranteed the more correct transcription company feasible, which is.

Merely alert us within seven days, in case you are miserable for any explanation with all the function we do. We supply a complete refund, or simply just will correct the issue. We produce posting material easy. You should not attempt to fumble through the problem of data moves, expansion errors, or unreadable files. Publish specifically from your own computer or send us the website for your content.

We recognize many record types, so that you don’t possess to be on a goose chase for source packages that are open to transform .wav to .mp4. And you get a within the App-Store or Android Industry, or may also make the most of our telephone saving company when that merely seems like babble.

We’ve many different means of transforming talk to wording, determined by your unique requirements. We are able to supply a verbatim transcription, a transcription that catches oh every uhhm, and false-start of the speakers. This kind of transcription is usually used others or by insurance firms to get a specific legitimate purpose. We have shipped over one thousand hours of highquality verbatim transcripts. See our transcription trials site for some examples.

You might want a readable transcription. This implies while still taking every material purpose of the initial music the written text is cleaned-up. Typical cases are conferences, earnings calls, films, or podcasts. We’ve posted a lot of cases within the examples portion!

Exact transcription services that are voicemail generally involve human involvement since possibly probably the most powerful computers can’t properly interpret the particulars in the manner we talk with each other within our everyday vocabulary, to transcribe advanced style communications.

Consequently, several agencies seeking transcription are confronted with a choice: employ an automated company or employ human assistance to enhance reliability. Generally, transcription companies require giving voice communications into a third-party support, causing stability concerns within many agencies around the procedures in position that secure the concept during transport to and from safety and the service of the information information during transcription.

Huge vocabulary continuous speech recognition, also known as conversation-to- voice or text -to-text transformation may be the key technology for allowing content -based data entry in files that were movie and music. Once instantly processed metadata and the linguistic data inside the record that is structured can be found for further downstream processing, providing direct access to applicable parts of audio documents.

Being among the most popular purposes of our technology are audio and audiovisual data exploration (broadcast and phone information), presentation stats, marketing tracking, media asset management, speech transcription and subtitling.